Mani Monday: Essie Jelly Apple Nail Polish

Happy Monday! I thought the Essie Jelly Apple nail polish would be the perfect color to usher in the unofficial beginning of summer. This bright, punchy red is gorgeous and really does look like an apple. Every time I wear this shade, I’m instantly  in a better mood. You just can’t be sad while wearing … Continue Reading

Letting Go Of Perfection

All my life I’ve been plagued with perfectionism. It’s caused me to doubt myself and worst of all lend an overly critical eye to my work. This results in me editing and revising, over and over again. Yet, never releasing what I’m working on because, I still don’t think it’s ready. I distinctly remember feeling frustrated … Continue Reading

How To Do A Side Braid

Here in NYC, it went straight from winter to summer overnight. This cute side braid is my saving grace during the summer months because I sweat so much when it’s hot out. Having this go-to hairstyle that’s stylish but also keeps my hair from  getting really frizzy while I sweat. The best part is that … Continue Reading

How to Cover Dark Circles and Under Eye Bags

Whether you’ve stayed out a little too late, your allergies are out of control or it’s just hereditary– we’ve all had moments where our under eye area was looking a bit puffy. I’ve got a fool proof way to cover dark circles and under eye bags. Read on to see how I fake a full … Continue Reading

GIVEAWAY CLOSED | Win A FREE Kylie Lip Kit in True Brown K

The other day on Instagram, I asked you guys if I should do a giveaway for the Kylie Lip Kit I purchased. You all answered with a resounding YES. So I’ve set up this really awesome giveaway for one lucky reader to win a FREE Lip Kit by Kylie in the shade True Brown K. … Continue Reading

Mood Board: Spring Fashion Trends

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The other day I was on Pinterest, like always, and I discovered this phenomenon called mood boarding. It’s a fun and easy collage of photos that have a common theme or just look really great together. In anticipation of warmer days to come, I created this mood board of 2016 … Continue Reading

How Fashion Bloggers Get Thousands of Instagram Followers

It’s Monday morning. You’re lying in bed scrolling through Instagram– putting off the inevitable. You’ll soon have to drag yourself out of bed to get ready for that job you abhor at worst, tolerate at best. Enviously, you double tap through the endless perfectly curated photos from your favorite bloggers. They make a living posting latte … Continue Reading

Mani Monday: Essie Fiji Nail Polish

A few days ago, I read a blog post about how painting your nails can change your life. At first, I thought it was a bit of a reach. It’s just nail polish after all– it’s not that deep. After reading through the post in its entirety, it actually made a lot of sense. Painting … Continue Reading

I Took a Sephora In-Store Beauty Class: Here’s What I Learned

Yesterday I went to my very first Sephora In-Store Beauty Class. These classes are offered at select Sephora locations and are free for Beauty Insiders– If you’re not already a member, it’s free to sign up. I thought it would be fun to offer a Sephora Beauty Class review for those who were interested, but not … Continue Reading

5 Up & Coming Fashion Designers You Need to Know About in 2016

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock can name a few of the top high-end designers. I find that the mark of a true fashion lover is when they have their finger on the pulse of the new and undiscovered talent cropping up in the fashion industry. Much like hipsters pride themselves on knowing … Continue Reading