This past month I’ve been going through what can only be described as a quarter life crisis. Like full blown meltdown, and it’s not pretty. As I see my peers get engaged, buy houses and excel in their careers my Brooklyn apartment that I share with two roommates and precarious love life leave me feeling vastly inadequate.

I turned 24 a few months ago and with 25 quickly approaching on the horizon, I honestly thought I’d have accomplished a lot more by now. Some days are better than others, but here are a few steps that have helped me navigate my quarter life crisis.

Reach out to close friends or family for help

I’m a very private person, so I know this is easier said than done– but it is incredibly therapeutic to get out of your own head and talk to a trusted friend or family member. If there’s no one in your personal life that you feel comfortable confiding in, consider a therapist. If you’re in the Ne York City area the city provides free counseling via phone calls with their NYC Well program.

Take inventory of what’s important to you

The major catalyst that set off my quarter life crisis was that I was stretching myself to fit into situations that no longer served me. Whether that’s a relationship, career or anything else that simply no longer has a place in your life, it’s imperative that you take a step back and evaluate what’s going to propel you toward your goals and help you feel fulfilled.

Travel, if that’s feasible

One of the best ways to find yourself is to travel the world. I understand that it’s not feasible for everyone, but if you’re able to do so. I highly recommend traveling to another part of the world and immersing yourself in a foreign culture. It has a way of showing you who you truly are and pushing you past your comfort zone.

Start or revisit a passion project

I started my blog back in 2015 and let it fall by the wayside because I was busy with work. I took my quarter life crisis as a time to refocus my time on working on my blog and giving it the effort it deserves. I believe in it and I love working on this blog. It gives me a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Find a passion project and make time to cultivate it.

Give it time

This tip isn’t actionable, but it’s true. A quarter life crisis is something many people go through in their twenties. Just because you don’t have everything figured out right this second doesn’t mean that you are doomed to a life of mediocrity. That dream job will come along, you will find love, you will succeed in entrepreneurship. So long as you work hard, continue to focus your efforts on progressing towards your goals and remain flexible.

Have you ever gone through a quarter life crisis? Leave a comment below and let me know how you got through it. If you’re still in the thick of it, feel free to vent or leave a few words of encouragement.

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